4 things to make a healthy body

Eat less carbohydrates than you burn. Exclude from your diet unhealthy and high calorie foods (pizza, french fries, fast food … etc). You must have a well-established diet, try to prepare yourself one day before each meal the next day. Never jump over an important table of the day.

Hidrateazate, try to drink a glass of water every morning, just after you wake up (if you want to change the taste of the water you can add lemon, cucumber or fruit). Hydration also helps to detoxify the body, so you should think better and direct your attention to this aspect.

Eat as clean as possible! Eat easily digestible meat next to which you can add vegetables, fruits (most fruits and vegetables help build and maintain a healthy body). Remove fast food products, semi-processed products, everything that’s produced in your factory.

Take care of the amount of food you eat, excess food will only make your health worse, and the excess food will be turned into fat. Do not make the big mistake of not eating enough to cover the daily needs your body needs, if you do not eat enough, the body begins to burn muscle and the metabolism weakens. When it feels hungry, do not hesitate to eat …… but eat something healthy!

Dorian Dacian – Romania – Instagram ➡ doriandacian
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