How to gain or lose weight


Many people, who want to change their bodies and do not see results after visiting the gym for about 2-3 months just quit! But why?

That happens because for gaining or losing your weight, you must follow some rules!
The first and the main thing for both situations is the right food. You need to eat clean. Keep in mind that for gaining weight you need to eat more than your usual kcal norm is, but for losing – eat less. However, the main idea here is to eat right and clean!
If you want to gain your weight and build some muscles, take heavy weights with low reps 5-10, for losing of your weight and giving some relief, take 12-16 reps with weights that you can withstand for that long rep (usually 40-45% from your own weight).

Use circle trainings for both losing and gaining weight. Do exercises with a 30-second break between them. It will also be effective if you exercise one body part per day, and “burn” it off rightly! For example, leg day, back day, chest day, etc.

You can also choose full-body workouts, but make sure that the time for each body part is correct.
The next step is a fat burning cardio workout; it’s a must-do for those who want to lose weight. 20-40-minute cardio workout every day works wonders! Use a stepper, a running track, an elliptical machine, and add some burpees.

Keep an eye on your pulse. Frequent pulse and sweating mean that you are on the right track and you do all the things correctly!

For those who gain weight, cardio can be used only for warming up and just for 5-10 minutes. You don’t need it, because you will burn the calories that you need.

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