– Personalized MEAL PLAN prepared especially for you based on the goal you would like to accomplish


– Personalized ONLINE program according to the results you would like to accomplish

 What you will get trought ONLINE TRAINING

      Achieve your desired goal

      Improve your fitness knowledge

      Improve your nutrition knowledge

      Improve your health and prevent any injuries

      You`ll change your body shape and you will be the best version on yourself

      You`ll change your lifestyle

      You`ll save your money, because you don`t have to pay fitness coach, you’ll get everything you need in online training

      You`ll see your progression during the program and especially at the end


How the ONLINE TRAINING works?

Fill out my detailed questionnaire and you’ll get a 100% custom plan based on your goals, your body and your health condition. You change your diet. You fully abide by the program. The program was created for the duration of 4 weeks. If necessary, we’ll analyze and make changes every week. We’ll correct anything you’re doing wrong during your exercise with the help of the videos you send me. Nutrition is based on a healthy diet that is available everywhere. At the end of the training program, analyze your health condition, the results, pictures, videos. We’ll compare your measurements and before and after pictures. 
Very important – through my online program you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills that you need to continue with the healthy lifestyle.


– Individual training

(Includes training and managing client through a training cycle of a minimum 12 training  sessions (1 month) with the first additional training where I’ll specify the current state of your body, as well as evaluate the stability and mobility of your body. Accordingly, I’ll plan the right exercise program to individual preferences and objectives of each client.)



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