Life begins where the comfort zone ends

When you perform the next WOD (task for the day), prescribed by the coach on the board, the most contradictory thoughts arise in your head, and probably the main one is “I’m going to die now!”.

Looking at the sweaty, hard-breathing athletes who, after inflating their cheeks with a samovar, continue to work hard until the timer counts down precious seconds, uninformed in a crossfit, people ask themselves: why is all this necessary?

The most banal answer that you can give them is for life and health! Yes, there are a lot of different directions and disciplines, but it is crossfit that adapts us to the realities of life.


While doing crossfit, you will work intensively for a short time, performing a variety of exercises from the field of gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field athletics and everything you can imagine. Such a large variety of exercises, combined in crossfit, make this functional training the most viable. During training you will have to run, jump, lift and throw weights, carry or pull them from one end of the hall to the other, quickly move on and adapt to the new exercise, and much more – everything as in life.


High-intensity training, where you have to sweat and endure, make an athlete strong and hardy. And such a person in life, shortness of breath will not dictate the pace in everyday life situations such as: climb the stairs, carry bags from the store, go for a bus, etc.


In addition to life adaptation, crossfit dealers often pursue the goal – quickly get back to normal. There are people who have a good figure from nature, and to maintain it they need enough exercise or jogging in the morning. But those whom nature has not presented with such a pleasant gift, or those who launched themselves, the crossfit will be an effective and quick solution to the path to a beautiful body. Working on a high pulse and pumping muscles with all sorts of exercises, you will quickly enough be able to see the positive changes that will occur with your body.


Nobody says that it will be easy in class. And the challenge to yourself is another reason why people want to engage in Crossfit . Functional training allows not only to strengthen the body, but also to bring up the spirit. Each training is not just a rivalry with others – it is a fight with your weaknesses, a victory over which allows you to go beyond your capabilities and become better today than yesterday. The psychic ability to overcome one’s fear of being unable to cope with the task at hand makes a person more self-confident. A self-confident and powerful person in life always achieves great results.


Also, many people begin to engage in crossfire to be in a trend. And this also makes sense. Crossfit is a young sports discipline, which is talked about a lot, which is increasingly being taken up, and which every day is rapidly gaining more and more popularity.Classes in the cross zone will allow you to acquire new acquaintances, expanding and diversifying the circle of friends. After all, in training for functional training people want a variety of layers, sex and age. Also group classes, inherent in crossfit, allow those engaged to be more motivated. Who will like it when a girl or a more flimsy guy “closes” WOD faster than you?


Despite the rivalry, you are unlikely to see the anger and envy of crossfitters. After the next WOD, everyone is ready with a smile on their lips to “give five” to their partners and shares their impressions of the new assignment. Therefore, to the question: “Why do we need a crossfit?”, We answer: “Crossfit – it’s fashionable, great and fun!”

Leonid Noscov – Moldova – Instagram ➡ leonid_noscov
Ambassador for Fitness Mentor Online