Change your eating habit


When you try to lose weight and decrease the fat level the biggest problem and the main your opponent in this fight is a breakdown. That means than in a moment all your lost calories will come back, because you will eat everything what you see.

It’s normal, because you try to fix your eating habits that you’ve had all your life! There are some tricks that keep you on track. You can replace some “bad” food with “good” one. For example, if you want a candy, just use a chewing gum. You will get a “taste”, but at the same time you won’t have a breakdown.

Add more vegetables to your plate with meat, then carbs or fat. You will be full, satisfied and happy without additional amount of fats.

Don’t forget about the drinks – change them! If you don’t like to drink water, try special sport drinks (0 kcal) or cola light/zero (0 kcal). Change your coffee habits, drink black coffee instead of frappes or high fat coffee. 100 ml of frappe contains 586 kcal/25 g fat and 42 g carbs. Normally we drink one cup that is 330-500 ml and it means that you consume your daily norm of kcal. That mean that you choose to drink one frappe instead of eating 3-5 plates of chicken with vegetables.

Pay attention to the packages and the info on them. Read important info on the kcal and choose those products that contain less kcal.


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