Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques are one of methods of psychological preparation.  If we apply them even just a few minutes a day, we can help us fight against current stress, but also create a kind of supply of inner peace for all upcoming stressful events.

Some of the very effective methods:

  • Focusing on the breath (focus our attention on breathing, breathe slowly and deeply, from the stomach (so-called abdominal breathing)
  • Body scan (after a few minutes of slow and deep breathing, we focus our attention on a part of the body or a certain group of muscles, mentally relaxing them)
  • Visualization as a relaxation technique (this technique consists in creating mental images that will relax us – both mentally and physically)
  • Mindfulness meditation (we perform this relaxation technique by getting comfortable, focusing on breathing, focusing our awareness on the present moment, without unnecessary thoughts)
  • Yoga (a very effective relaxation technique, primarily because it combines physical activity with mental focus on the present moment