Motivational methods in training


Motivational methods is also one of methods of psychological preparation. Motivation is a popular mental training topic for both athletes and sports coaches.

There are different types of motivational techniques: goals should be specific, personally important, attainable, measurable and path-oriented the award has great significance and value for the athlete (especially if it comes from a coach whom the athlete considers a significant authority).

One form of motivation is positive internal or external self-talk. Athletes often use it unconsciously and cheer themselves up without knowing that they are actually using a very useful technique.

Ona of form of motivation is also internal motivation, which is based on one’s own values and beliefs, it is important that the athlete knows what he is striving for and why he is striving for it

A very simple form of motivation for athletes is monitoring their own involvement in training, instead of the usual monitoring of performance. Athletes who evaluate their own effort in training every day increase engagement in the long term and thus increase the probability of successful performance.