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Having a lean body type is a piece of work. You have to follow a strict routine to reach your goals in the gym. Setting up a lean-diet is a must, because without a good meal plan you will not reach the results you want in the gym. The diet is 65% of what you need to get in shape, it’s the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a hard body. Obviously each individual is different, and needs assistance with setting up a proper meal plan for you.

  1. Eat at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, daily. If your protein intake is too low on a restricted-calorie diet, you’ll lose a lot of muscle in addition to any fat you’re lucky enough to shed. A high-protein intake will help you preserve lean mass during your dieting phase. Choose lean, high-quality proteins like egg whites, poultry, lean red meat, and protein supplements.
  2. Keep your carbohydrates low to moderate when trying to lose weight. On a low day you’ll have closer to 100g of carbs. A moderate day is about 150g of carbs.  Rotating low and moderate days is a good way to keep energy high and provide a change of pace. Good, clean, fiber-rich carbs include oats, potatoes, rice, and whole-grain bread.
  3. Drink at least a 3 to 4 liters of water per day. It’ll keep you hydrated and healthy. Water should be your primary beverage during dieting. Try to stay away from sodas and other beverages that contain sugar.

As mentioned above, you should start a routine of eating healthy and avoiding cravings for junk food. To stay motivated and deal with cravings here is a few ways to help you deal with them. First, schedule a cheat meal on every seventh day. If you feel deprived during the week, concentrate on the cheat meal to come, knowing you can eat absolutely anything you want to—pizza, burgers, beer, chips, you name it. Remember, though, it’s just one cheat meal, not an entire day of cheating. Afterward, get right back on the wagon with your next scheduled meal. Second, when it comes to cravings, protein drinks and bars may also help cure your need for sugar. One way to do it is, by mixing a flavored protein powder in a blender with as much ice as possible, so it’ll taste more like a milkshake. Once or twice per week you can have a low-sugar, high-protein bar. The newest varieties taste more like candy bars, with state-of-the-art sweetening techniques.

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