Pre-workout complexes

At the core of their pre-workout complexes are biological supplements to increase the effectiveness of a work out. All positive changes occur due to the elements of the pre-workout complex. The action of each of them is aimed at increasing a specific indicator.

The main components of pre-workout complexes:

1 Creatine – is responsible for increasing strength. Once in the body, creatine accumulates ATP acid, which, in turn, functions as an energetic.
2 Beta-Alanine acid – increases the stamina of the body during sports activities.
3 Substances (Agmatine and Arginine)- provide a pumping effect. Muscle tissue grows much faster during intense filling of muscles with oxygen-rich blood.
4 Nutrients- biologically active elements, nutrients , ensure proper metabolism.
5 Taurine ;caffeine ; ephedrine – energy to stimulate activity

The benefits of pre-workout complexes 1 Supports immunity 2 Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system 3 Increases blood circulation 4 Speeds up metabolism 5 Increase in achievements and indicators. However there are possible harm like loss of sleep, peace of mind and effects or habit, refusal of training without supplements. In order to avoid negative consequences from pre-workouts, it is recommended to take breaks. 3-4 weeks is enough for the body to reboot. In addition, you should not switch to more powerful means, without witch the body is no longer in the joy of training. The complex should be taken strictly according to the instructions , adhering to the indicated dosage. When choosing a pre-training complex to improve results, it is best to consult a trainer first.

Beata Butkevica – Latvia
Fitness Mentor Online