Balance your food intake

Why many of us seems to eat less but have more bodyfat procentage then those who eat more often?
-The main thing is what the food contains ‘inside’ !

For example we have 2 people :
Person 1- is always busy , he/she eats on the way to work or home !
Meal 1 – Big Mc Breakfast(643 kcal)
Meal 2 – Fries (340 kcal)with a Burger (451 kcal)
Meal 3 – desert (about 400 kcal)
For whole day it is ~1830 kcal for 3 meals
And we have person 2 -he /she wakes up for 40 min earlier and prefers whole meals for the day!
Meal 1- oats with protein scoop (370 kcal)
Meal 2-chicken breast with rice and wegetables (480 kcal)
Meal 3- a protein shake( 111 kcal)
Meal 4- salmon steak with wegetables and avocado(400 kcal)
Meal 5-fruit salad (250 kcal)
For all 5 meals ~1600 kcal

The all thing is in Macros of food that you use ! Also person-2 will be full for all day long however person-1 will steady to feel hungry again. In the first example more fats and carbs are consumed that protein compared to the secind example.

As a Gift you will become a great selffealing ! And your good mood will highly increase! Your day will be full of energy and your head will be fiiled with creative ideas!

Beata Butkevica – Latvia – Instagram ➡ beatabutkevic
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