Electrostimulation in recovery


Electrostimulation is a therapeutic procedure for the application of specific electrical impulses with the aim of the highest possible activation of an individual muscle using a point electrode. 

Experts say about electrostimulation, the electrical signal comes from the device, instead of the brain, but the muscle response is the same. In fact, the muscles themselves do not know the difference between a voluntary contraction, triggered by the brain, and an electrically triggered contraction, their reaction is exactly the same.

Electrostimulation is training to strengthen the muscle fibers of a weakened muscle, stimulates the interaction of nerves, muscles and associated blood vessels and promotes recovery.

It is interesting that muscle atrophy can also be prevented with the use of electrostimulation.

Indications when using electrostimulation:
– muscle inhibition after injuries
– hypotonia and muscle atrophy
– conditions after injuries to muscles, bones and ligaments
– conditions after nerve injuries or operations

Contraindications when using electrostimulation:
– inflammatory diseases
– skin damage and diseases
– metals in tissues
– nectosis