What is the main success of bulking and gaining?

You are decide train and want to bulk, but you might dont’t know how to start or how to do it properly?

Here are some tips and advices:

1 Fail – You are focusing on feeling the burn in muscles
2 Fail – Not eating enough
3 Fail – Training every day, without any rest (24/7)

1 Success – You have smart trainin gplan!
2 Success – You are eating enough kcal
3 Success – Training 3-4 times per week+sleeping 7-8 h/per day!

  • If you follow those tips, it will work! Also it will be great to drink some Whey protein or Casein before going to bed, to fill your body with energy at night too!
  • Use more products with high protein and “good“ carbs. Try not to eat fast food and products that are high in sugar!
  • With right training and meal plan, you will 100% reach your goal!


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