How to get started?!

Hello guys, so what is holding you back? One of things might be lack of knowledge or too many knowledge and not knowing simply where to begin from, laziness, no motivation, believing its a chore, wasting time which could be used for something otherwise. So no worries i got you, ill show you by simple steps how to begin your super saiyan transformation today!


➡ Change your mindset

–you are capable of great things, they are just waiting for you to discover them

–gym will help you in other areas of your life, its all interconnected

–believe, trust and dream, but stay humble

–setbacks are here for you to grow

listen to positive, helpful thoughts

–surround yourself with same minded people


➡ What to bring, which gym to choose?

Simple shoes, preferably with straight outsole

Sweat pants/shorts



Towel or two if u plan to shower

Minimum of 1L of water

Pick a gym which will make you feel good, but dont overthink it

Squat rack is important

preferably two 

(some gyms still miss it)

Good range of free weights

Isolation Machines



-Start slow and easy, pick lighter weight, learn the movements first, correct breathing and concetration of what you do

-Keep your core tight whenever you do excercises

-Take bigger breaths in and as you breath out tighten your core even more

-You breath out against resistance which means whenever you push to move something

or pull to bring something closer to you

-Breath in whenever you lower the weight, release, but remember to engage your core

-Static stretch inbetween sets

-Warm up, search for it on internet, there are many videos and i think you need to find one which will suit you. I for myself do Tai Chi warm up from head to toe 

It warms up all necessary parts which you will use in your workouts and it takes 5minutes max and is enough when done properly.

Also before i do exercises with “real” weight i start with lightest one just to get into the movement.


So here we go, lets get started, you will workout three days at week, with one day of rest inbetween (not counting weekend).



**Chest + Biceps + Abs.

*Bench press!

Start simply, 3 sets of 15 (3×15) repetition per set with 1 minute to 1,30  pause.

Recommending to start only with straight bar (20kg)

Next week you can add 2,5kg on each side, and progress like that, maybe you will

do less reps, but keep adding each week, until you can do 8reps 3 times. If you will find

1,25 plates at your gym, use those later on.


*Incline Dumbbell Press


Same principle applies, next week use 6kg.


*Incline Dumbbell Flyes


As above


*Peck deck


Depends, peck deck is fairly easy and you can play with it.

You dont really need to go heavy, but instead getting good stretch and contraction

when the hands are together, so experiment later on.

How to stretch Chest

Do this inbetween sets.



*Barbell Curls

If you are totall beginner, go for more reps, lower weigt, because biceps

are going to be really sore for 2-3 days if you try to push yourself here early.

Use just straight bar, no weight, do 10 repetitions with long one

or 15 reps with shorter, add 2,5kgs on each side.


*Hammer curls

Again, stick with the lower weight to get used to it.



How to stretch your biceps

After every set.



Watch this first:

Hanging knee rises


Sit ups (have a good form!) 


Crunches (first one from the vid)


Medicine Ball (or plate of weight) side twists

(careful here if you have spine injury like scoliosis, dont do it!)



You will do each of ab excercise one after another is one set! of 15 repetitions each!

then rest 2 minutes and do it again for a final round. (Abs are very strong muscles

and can withstand a lot, even for beginners) Abs are the same for each workout,

you can add speed (with good concentration) repetitions and weight or another excercises

if it will feel easy overtime, but do them!

If you do them properly and fast enough it is kind of replacement, or the bonus

for the cardio, because after those two supersets you will really sweat…


How to stretch Abs

Do this after finishing 2 rounds or inbetween.




**Back + Triceps + Abs.


Learn to do them properly with perfect form, its one of the greatest excercises.

I highly recommend to watch this and learn every bit of information from this video


Its easier than it seems, you just need to learn the movement.

Start only with straight bar, maybe add 5-10 kg on each side, learn perfect form first,

watch yourself in the mirror from different angles. Next week you will add 2,5kg on

each side until you reach 100kg, from there on add only 1,25kg on each side each week.


*Single Hand Lat Pulldowns

I really advise to try this out, he is really great coach and knows what he is talking about

Again, learn the fundamentals, do 3x15x5kg


*Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Here it depends on your weight,  if you weight 70kg you will do 35kg on the machine,

machine works like counter weight to yours. So you will lift 35kg.

3x12x50-75% of your weight

How to stretch lats


*Seated Cable Row

3x15x10kg is a good start


How to stretch rhomboids



*Assisted Pull-Up Machine – for triceps

3x12x50-75% of counter weigt



3x15xbar only

Again this is harder to master but pays of later on, each week add 2,5 at the beginning and 1,25kg on each side later on. Depends on you.

How to stretch triceps

**ABS as above






Again, learn them to do properly with great form, pays of later on!

You can start with shorter bar for 3×15 just to get the feeling of

the weight on your shoulders and progress from there to the longer bar

adding each week 2,5kg on each side and 1,25kg later on.



*Seated Leg Press

You can do this excercise before squats for getting some blood in your legs

and prewarm stretch those muscles, you will squat easier.

3x15x10-20kg maybe even more, but learn good form first.


*Seated Leg Curl

If you have trouble with squats and leg press, you can start with this excercise

to strenghten your legs first before you feel comfortable.

3x15x5-10kg go slower here contract those muscles, feel the burn, its easy weight.

Quad stretch


*Prone Leg Curl


Hamstrings stretch


*Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Do not forget to add weight each week as explained in prevous exercises.


Stretch for all thre heads of the shoulder


*Dumbbell lateral raises

Go from 5kg 5 reps to 4kg 5 reps and 3kg 5 reps in one session (drop set)

3×5/5/5×5/4/3 Remember to slow the weight down from upper position. Control

it as you were robot.


*Seated Rear Delt Machine


Try to really isolate that little muscle, feel it, bring your attention to it, if you do it

correctly you will know


*Abs as above


It is really not that hard as it seems, repetition is mother of learning.

When you follow this guide you should definetely see results and have general understanding of how to progress and of what to focus next, i highly recommend doing this for three months, no rush, get used to equipment, new surroundings, different kind of people which are not different at all, its just seems so. Dont be scared to ask for help as many will gladly help you. Gym should be kind of escape from the outer world, focus on what you do, keep your phone in the flight mode, listen to music, have a stopwatch and you can write your lifted weights there as you progress. Generaly do not get distracted. You will feel much better afterwards whedssan you focus. Good luck!


Oleg Babiy – Czech Republic – Instagram ➡ olegh_babiy
Ambassador for Fitness Mentor Online