Get Lean Principles

Having a lean body type is a piece of work. You have to follow a strict routine to reach your goals in the gym. Setting up a lean-diet is a must, because without a good meal plan you will not reach the results you want in the gym. The diet is 65% of what you […]

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Breakfast – the most important meal of the day

  Are you a person who skips breakfast? Your reasons for skipping breakfast are usually corroborated with things like „I don’t have a habit of having breakfast in the morning“ or „My lifestyle is so busy that I don’t have the time for breakfast“ or „I plan to lose weight and I’ll skip breakfast.“ Healthy […]

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importance of exercise

Why is exercise important in our life?

  For a long time now you keep saying that you`ll start with exercising, and always delay it. Are you afraid to start? Or you think that you will not achieve the desired goal? Why do you think so? In this article, I`ll introduce you to the fact how important is to exercise for our lives, and […]

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